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If you like anime, my gallery is the place for you! :la:



Some of the best art out there!!!

Touko, suki suki by Coffeeholictan

Snuggle with MEH! >:3


MYO "Make Your Own" Sigly
Sigly Species *Ref Sheet* by maikoforev5674
You may make your own Sigly that would be yours to keep! It can be either a normal Sigly or a winged alternative! :meow: (Examples on the ref sheet shown above) Once you finish your Sigly be sure to submit him/her to :iconplanet-sigly:~
Custom Sigly Adoptable
Sigly Species *Ref Sheet* by maikoforev5674
Chenoa OC by maikoforev5674
Sigly Auction 6 ~SOLD~ by maikoforev5674
Sigly Auction 3 ~SOLD~ by maikoforev5674
Winged Sigly Auction 2 ~SOLD~ by maikoforev5674
Arctic Sigly Auction 1 ~SOLD~ by maikoforev5674
I would make you a custom Sigly (my closed species) of any color and hairstyle! Along with this commission please tell me what you would like your Sigly to look like and if it is to be male or female. Also, please let me know if your Sigly will be normal, winged, or arctic~ The custom could be made on any of the bases shown here. 
Static Animal Headshot Icons
Weaver Icon ~DTA Entry 3~ by maikoforev5674
Icon for ~arielshere by maikoforev5674
Icon 2 for ~arielshere by maikoforev5674
I will make a 50x50 headshot icon just like this one here of any animal character! :D Please add specifics to what you would like (Ex: border color, expression, background color) and a link to the character you'd like it of!
MSPaint Fullbody For Animal OCs
**Raffle Entry #2** by maikoforev5674
Gambit ^^ by maikoforev5674
Weaver DTA ~Entry 2~ by maikoforev5674
S'mores Asymmetrical Canine OC REF by maikoforev5674
Femelle OC by maikoforev5674
 I will do a fullbody MSPaint drawing of you animal OC! It can be any animal or original animal species! Please link me to your OC and tell me if there's a certain pose you have in mind! Also please let me know if you would like the background to be a color or translucent.
Human to Wolf Commissions (Anime)
Free! ISC Kawaii Nitori Wolf ^^ by maikoforev5674
*AoT* Titan!Eren X Titan!Annie Wolves Colored by maikoforev5674
Annie Leonhardt and Riza Hawkeye Wolves Crossover by maikoforev5674
Attack on Titan: Jean Wolf *Commission* by maikoforev5674
One Piece: Sanji X Nami Wolves by maikoforev5674
Yumikuri Wolfies :3 by maikoforev5674
    The examples above are characters from the popular animes Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, and Attack on Titan. I can take characters from any anime (or basically any animated feature) and draw them as a canine. You may decide whether you want the commission to be an uncolored sketch or colored with pencil and edited. I can also take your human OCs and turn them into wolves. Anything at all! ^^
Grey Toned Anime Headshot Portrait
~*Sucy*~ by maikoforev5674
I will do a grey-toned portrait sketch with regular and white colored pencil of any anime character. (Canon or an OC) May be human or animal~ When commissioning please link me to the character you would like and tell me any preferences for poses or shading! ;P
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Being a huge anime fan/otaku myself I know that this is probably the most difficult question a fan could be asked, BUT I ASKED IT YO! So who is the best of the best when it comes to anime characters!? There's just so many anime characters out there now between all the mangas, animes, and anime video games being released every day, but everyone has a favorite! So first, I'll tell you my favorite anime character EVER and WHY I love her so much. (Cause you gotta have a reason why they're so special to you!) and then afterwords please comment with your favorite anime character!!! I'd love to see who's popular these days with the fans. But anyways, if you don't already know, here's my favorite:

(This explanation includes a few Attack on Titan manga and anime spoilers so read at your own risk ;P)
The strong, misunderstood, and beautiful Annie Leonhardt from the anime/manga series Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin. Annie, to me, is that perfectly developed character that has so many amazing qualities that there must be at least one thing that appeals to you about her. Even though she can be seen as a "bad guy", Annie has many layers to her that have to be examined before judging her as such. Annie is quiet, and certainly doesn't think highly of herself as she considers herself weak, but she is much stronger than she thinks she is. She is almost always shown to be somewhat sad, or troubled, and this all coincides with her inevitable and inescapable duty she has been given to help with the Titan Trio's (Reiner, Bertholdt, and her) mysterious endeavors to destroy the walls, get Eren, basically fuck up the last of the human race , ect... but Annie isn't a bad person, she was not the one to choose to take part in this, and she certainly isn't a killer by choice. The poor girl breaks down in tears (once in her Titan form and another before she crystallized herself) multiple times, which may be why she considers herself weak, but she is only doing this for that unknown source which still hasn't been revealed. (Besides for that one flashback to her father) With her well developed personality aside, another attractive quality about her is of course her physical design. Annie, in my eyes, is a totally beautiful character. Both her Titan form and human form are gorgeous in my eyes. I think her little hoodie she wears under her uniform is absolutely adorable and unique compared to what all the other characters wear, (You'd be surprised just look their undershirts almost all look the same besides for hers) and her hair is tied up beautifully, of course complemented finely by her icy blue eyes, which show off her character perfectly. Her Titan form's colors are awesome as well with the reds and pinks mixing wonderfully with her again, icy blue eyes and light blonde hair. So both apperance wise and personality/backstory wise my little Annie takes the cake with me. And to go beyond the character herself I actually had the opportunity to meet her English dub voice actress first hand at a convention last summer, and she was a super great person! Not only did I get her autograph, TWICE, I had the opportunity to have a good 5 minute conversation with her as well!! (Aside from that I also met Jean and Petra's voice actors too their pretty cool! And yeah I know the dub kinda sucks sometimes but whatever you gotta admit it's still cool!)

So after that ridiculous essay I just threw at you about my crazy obsession with Annie, who's your favorite anime character of ALL TIME? From ANY anime! And WHY!!!???? Let me know in the comments I can't wait to here!! :heart:



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I didn't really need a quiz to figure that out :XD:

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